Roving Reporters go out and about in Hull!

Following on from a ‘Hold the Front Page’ workshop a group of Kelvin Hall School students were picked to take part in the ‘Roving Reporter’ workshop two weeks later. Students had to apply to join the group and those successful are going to be part of the new school newsletter team. Spending a day doing some real reporting was good practice for the new team!

The children first visited the city’s Hedgehog Hospital where they met the owner and founder, Lorraine, and her husband. They found out lots of information about hedgehogs, especially why they end up in the hospital and what happens to them once they are there. They were a superb group of well-behaved young people and respected the quiet and calm atmosphere the sick hedgehogs needed.

After the Hedgehog Hospital we visited the Animal Sanctuary where the children fell in love with a variety of dogs, cats and small animals that need new homes! We had already prepared questions back at school so the children were able to get lots of information from the management team.

After around an hour the children had made lots of notes and taken lots of pictures so we headed back to school for lunch. The afternoon was spent writing articles from notes with a little extra research being done if needed. This culminated in some excellent articles and some very happy children who had enjoyed a very different school day!