Hold the Front Page – Secondary School Workshop

A Journalism for Schools workshop gives students the chance to write to describe, persuade and argue and the chance to re-draft their work to get it perfect.

A whole day secondary school workshop supports learning in many subjects not just English. It is designed to meet National Curriculum requirements and attainment levels.

How do reporters find news?

The first part of the session is devoted to finding that story! The tutor talks about the ways real-life journalists find the news and what makes a good story.

In the second part of the session students learn how to interview people, prepare questions and check facts!

Next, students either interview someone in a mock ‘press conference’, or take turns at interviewing each other on a chosen subject.

Writing the news article

The afternoon is spent writing up the story with lots of guidance from the team. Students then present their story to the rest of the class and our tutor will award a Best Student Journalist trophy to the reporter who has impressed them the most!

If there’s any time left, students get their chance to quiz the tutor about their time on newspapers. A great way to wrap up the day – pupils will be left with a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work on a real-life newspaper.

Great new writing skills!

This secondary school workshop is especially beneficial for those about to make career choices. It is also an excellent literacy boost for closing the covid gaps.

The workshop can be repeated up to four times a day to divide larger groups.

Read about a Hold the Front Page workshop at Abington Academy

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