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Students who love English, writing and have an inquisitive nature may be interested in a Careers Day learning more about the reality of being a journalist.

This school workshop can be a whole day, half a day or series of one, or one and a half hour repeater sessions with different groups.

Tell me more about journalism!

It is designed to give the students an idea of what it is like to be a journalist and to inspire them to go down that career path.

We look at newspapers, television and internet journalism in all of its forms.

Students will look at the meaning of journalism, how we find and report on the news and how to write up the article or news report.

Is it the career for me?

The tutor tells students about her time on newspapers and magazines, shows examples of her work and gives students an insight into a reporter’s everyday life.

Not just the excitement of a breaking news story or following a Royal. But the pay, the hours, the law, the style and all the stuff that is involved in the nitty gritty of a career that may seem glamorous – but mostly isn’t!

You will learn what you can do now to get a head start on a journalism career. We also look at the pathway into journalism, the different types of journalism and the qualifications and skills needed for this career choice.

The day or session can be monitored to measure the impact of this activity. We can use a form for students to fill in before and after to see if it has increased their knowledge and awareness of the subject and/or increased their aspirations.

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A workshop can be a full day, half day or repeater sessions. We also offer bespoke workshops written to suit your requirements, or around something happening in your school or locality.

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