Junior Newshound – Primary School Workshop

Younger students will benefit from this fun and interesting Junior Newshound interactive primary school workshop which gives pupils a chance to be a junior reporter.

They will learn about how stories are found and researched, how to interview people without missing vital information and how to write up your story effectively. This gives students the chance to share ideas with the class and ask questions.

Now to be a real Junior Newshound!

Next comes the fun bit … students get a chance to pair up and interview each other about a mock story.  They then write up the first three paragraphs of the story using their notes and putting into practice everything they have learned about writing for a newspaper.

If there is time, the junior journalists can then design their own newspaper front page and choose a name for the newspaper. They then think of a headline using ideas we have already talked about, write their article and source pictures. The final touches are their byline and a caption on the picture. Some of them even like to make little boxes and add more information.

We learnt new skills!

This is an exercise in not just writing, but listening skills that will test the student’s ability to pick out the important information from notes – and is particularly designed to test how accurate the resulting story is!

This primary school workshop can be tailor-made to fit the timings of a class, or a morning or whole day workshop. It can be repeated up to three times a day to divide larger groups.

It is suitable for years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

KS2 National Curriculum – English

As part of their ‘listening’ requirements, students will learn to identify the gist of an account or key points in a discussion and evaluate what they hear, ask relevant questions to clarify, extend and follow up ideas and respond to others appropriately, taking into account what they say. Pupils will also learn to use notes effectively to organise their thinking and recount information accurately. When writing up their articles, they learn early re-drafting skills and how to write to describe.
I thought it was cool when one of us pretended to be Jessie J and the other was the reporter. I liked it because if we want to become reporters when we’re older it will really help us.
Rhonda (Year 4), St Thomas More RC Primary School, Peterborough.

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