School’s back

Well, the summer is well and truly over and schools are back, lessons are being planned and lovely new school shoes are getting scuffed!

This week the magazine I edit is going to press and I’m being kept busy as I’m writing several features as well. I’m keeping a day free to spend planning for Friday’s workshop at Stanground Academy in Peterborough. It’s a totally bespoke workshop as the school is brand new and I’m working with a group of students, including some year sixes from nearby primary schools, to write a newsletter about the new school. This will involve lots of learning how to do interviews and write up stories in the morning, before setting off in the afternoon to do the real thing.

Key Stage 2 Listening goals expect pupils to listen, understand and respond appropriately to others and learn to identify the gist of an account or key points in a discussion as well as evaluating what they hear. They will do this by asking relevant questions to clarify, extend and follow up ideas.

Under Planning and Drafting pupils need to learn to plan – note and develop initial ideas, draft – develop ideas from the plan into structured written text and revise – change and improve the draft. They then need to proofread – check the draft for spelling and punctuation errors, omissions and repetitions and present their written work (either on screen or paper) in a neat, correct and clear final copy.

All of the work they will be doing with me will be meeting these National Curriculum requirements while the students have some fun and learn about the reality of life as a journalist.